Multistate Employers

Employers who hire and employ people in two or more states are referred to as multistate employers for new hire reporting purposes.

Multistate employers may:

Report newly–hired employees to the various states in which the employees are working following the New Hire Reporting program regulations, requirements and timeframes of each state; or
Select one state where the employer has employees working and report all new hires to that state electronically. Click here for more information on electronic reporting to New Hire Reporting.

If you choose to report new hires to one state, you must notify the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services as to which state you have designated to receive all of your new hire information. To learn more or to register as a "multistate employer" visit

If you would like to report as a multistate employer to the state of Missouri, click here for information on electronic reporting to New Hire Reporting or if you have questions about multistate reporting, contact us.